What is it? Answers LXXX

Friday, September 02, 2005

442. Easy-out, used to remove broken bolts

443. Raising hammer, employed by tinners to work on light sheet metal. "Raising" is the process of hammering unheated metal into a form.

444. Shotgun shell reloader

445. Knife eraser, used by a draftsman to scrape away overrun lines and small defects from an inked drawing.

446. Ice cube maker, thanks to Don for sending in this photo, here is his description of it:
If you filled the container (note bung and plug) with hot water and placed the gadget on a block of ice it cut ice cubes. Of course you needed to split out the cubes when the "Coolerator" descended as deep as it would go. The crescent shaped slots are to let water and air out as it cuts into the block.

447. Thanks to Yves for these pictures:

The distance between the two points in the photo above is 10-1/2".

It's a part of a one-man bucksaw as seen in this photo:

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